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OptionVue has been a leading producer of Options Analysis and Trading Software for over 30 years. Built around professional-level analytics, it
integrates real-time quotes, Historical Data, Charting, Portfolio Management and much more. OptionVue provides the precise information you
need to determine what to trade and when. You will know your exact risk before you enter any trade and be able to manage it accurately in
response to changes in the market. Try OptionVue today and see how it can make you a more disciplined and successful trader!
OptionVue Introduces a Revolutionary New Way to
Trade Options Around Earnings Announcements!
significantly after an earnings report.  This potential for a stock to move by a large amount in response to an earnings report
creates trading opportunities.  Making trades based around the earnings announcements of stocks is nothing new - but now
OptionVue introduces a new set of tools for trading options around earnings plays.  This system is based on the hypothetical
results actual trades would have experienced in the past and shows you a quality ranking for each trade along with its past
success rate. Detailed instructions tell you exactly when to open and close each trade based on past historical performance.