Leading Options Trading Software Provider Purchased to Anchor Diversified Portfolio of Trading Tools

January 2, 2019 - Libertyville, IL - OptionVue, a leading provider of options trading and analysis software, announced today that is has been
acquired by Capital Allocations, LLC. in a strategic move by the latter to broaden and deepen its growing portfolio of trading tools, services
and offerings.

Founded in the early 1980's to enable more efficient and effective options trading, OptionVue is a trusted and proven leader in the options
trading software market. It is a natural fit for Capital Allocation, a creator and provider of analytical software, education and alert services
that empower financial professionals to maximize their results and returns.

According to Capital Allocation's President and Founder Brian Vogelman, the purchase marks a strategic milestone for both his company and
OptionVue's customers. "I am committed not just to the ongoing innovation of OptionVue's current offerings, but to expanding its product and
services even farther." he said, "giving even more people the resources and opportunity to increase their wealth."

Also under the umbrella of Capital Allocation are DiscoverOptions, an options trading education and mentoring provider, and The VXX Trading
System, a high return, volatility-based alert system. The company plans on continuing to build out this portfolio over the next few years with
additional high-value, high-return offerings for the trading and financial industries.

Despite its change of ownership, OptionVue continues, without interruption, to deliver the quality software and services that it has always
provided its clients.

"Today OptionVue is entering a new stage of life," said Vogelman. "We will not only be building on its past successes, but bridging them into
the future - creating new and exciting offerings that will help people effectively maximize the resources they already have and better prepare for

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