BackTrader is the perfect learning and testing tool for traders of all skill levels. With
BackTrader's historical data base and OptionVue 8's analytics, you can learn how to
trade options or test different strategies before you put your money at risk.

  • Learn how to trade options
  • Practice trading new markets or strategies
  • Develop new strategies or test new concepts
  • Access historical data and volatilities for further study
While in BackTrader mode, OptionVue 8 will automatically download historical prices, volatility
information and charts going be tracked in the Portfolio Manager. You can then step forward
in time by 1/2 hour or daily increments and watch how your position(s) changes along with
historical volatilities, greeks and profit/loss.
Are you a stock trader?
Try trading some of the broader market indices, or using them to hedge your stock portfolio. Try trading some of the
different futures markets.

Are you still fairly new to options trading?
You can observe how premiums move, and get a feel for the effects of time decay. BackTrader is not confined to simply
going far back in the past.

Have you ever wondered how an option traded earlier that day?
With BackTrader you can go back a few hours and see what price it was trading at then (as well as the contract volume and
other useful information).

With BackTrader and OptionVue 8 you can thoroughly test your trading ability and theories before you trade.

Save time learning how the market reacts. Save money by testing your theories before you put your money at risk.
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