The Graphic Analysis is the “brainchild” of OptionVue 8.  It can be generated
from any kind of position, no matter how complex.  The Graphic Analysis
illustrates the profit and loss potential across multiple time or volatility lines.  

Visualize how any trade will theoretically react at any point between now and
return along with a plot summary of all the Greeks for any date selected.  
Backed by the most advanced professional-level volatility models available, OptionVue 8 allows
you to see the likely future result of any trade with impressive accuracy.  When viewing different
time frames, the 1st and 2nd standard deviation of price movement will be displayed by
color-coded bars along the X axis for reference, along with the breakeven ponts .  Multiple
positions can be superimposed for a quick comparison or comprehensive analysis.
Click on any individual line in the chart and all the relative information for the selected line is displayed below the graph.
The calculations automatically take into account slippage, commissions and dividends and interest cash flows.
Detailed Analysis.  By selecting the "D"(Details) button in the lower right corner, you can view the specific detailed
information for any single point of a position (at a specific underlying price and time) in the Detailed Analysis window.  
Detailed Analysis clearly demonstrates how OptionVue 8 takes slippage, commissions, dividends and interest
earnings/charges into account with every analysis.
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