When you double-click on an asset in the Quotes Display you automatically open
the Matrix.  View all of an asset’s options the way your mind likes to see them -
with expiration months across and strikes down.

Here you will see vital data about the actuals, futures, options, and your total
position.  The Matrix is packed with information that is valuable to your trading.  

The matrix is where you can enter existing and/or contemplated positions and
graphically analyze them using our proprietary Variable Volatility Modeling.
Using the actual statistical volatility of the underlying asset, the program displays all
strikes that are within one and two standard deviations using a pastel background color.  
This is just one example of the many specialized option tools available in the Matrix
You will often want to see everything about an actual, future, or option. To obtain a complete picture on any option or asset,
select the
Expand View (see below) and each of the 41 options-related parameters can be seen from one easy-to-read window.

You can even project option prices by changing the price of the underlying security... a fast and simple way to do “what if”
analysis while watching the parameters recalculate as you test.
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